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QR Droid Code Scanner Review


Julie Ellis / 09 Feb 2018

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QR Droid Code Scanner is an application which can turn your smartphone into a barcode, QR code, and Data Matrix. It has some enviable features and style. It allows users to import, create and use data in just a few clicks. The users also have the option of sharing the data.

Android magazine and PC World has given it a 5-star rating. It supports multiple languages and is intuitive. QR Droid comes free of cost and free of ads as well.

Interface 4/5

It comes with step by step instructions, thus making it highly user-friendly. The tips given enables easy navigation. It offers the usage of both front and rear cameras with the camera control displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on the Menu button brings it down, and it acts as the Home button as well. It is designed stylishly to please the users. The users can quickly scan and edit the QR code. The users can also create a code and link it to the

Wi-Fi network, business cards, etc. Data can be auto-synced to the user’s Google Drive account. The most-used QR codes can be grouped and reused for quick access.

Features 5/5

  • QR codes can be scanned from the user’s SD card, camera, gallery or browser;
  • Codes can be created from bookmarks or contacts and sent to another contact’s device, thus avoid typing errors;
  • Locations can be mapped and shared with family, friends, and colleagues;
  • The users can scan the QR code in magazines, and stream a video immediately;
  • The app allows the users to send feedback and updates instantly to the support team using instant-messaging;
  • For a massive amount of ‘plain text,’ XQR codes and ‘contact’ QR codes can be created;
  • The app ensures that USSD codes don’t open up automatically, thus preventing attacks on the user’s device;
  • A free QR Droid Widget can be added to the Android homepage. This widget takes the users directly to a frequently used part of the app;
  • For gaining access to private Wi-fi Networks, the users just need to scan the QR code.

Usability 5/5

The latest version requires permission to access: 

  • The device and app history; 
  • Photos, media, and files;
  • Contacts;
  • Camera;
  • Storage;
  • Network Connections.

It is presently the best QR tool available in the market. It comes with a relatively simple interface and a wide range of capabilities. It allows the users to create different kinds of codes. It is a highly secure application. It is loaded with all the features that a user would want in a code scanner. This application has many users as it can even scan encrypted codes and is free. One drawback of this app is that it has trouble scanning colour codes.

Compatibility 4/5

This application requires Android 2.0 and up, thus making it highly compatible. It works on the Android Operating System. The file size is fairly small - just 5.6 MB. The battery usage is comparatively higher as compared to the other applications, but that could be because the camera needs to be used for scanning the code.
Having an account isn’t necessary for using this app. It’s free and doesn’t need in-app purchases either.

The Bottom Line

QR Droid Code Scanner is a highly recommended application. Users can easily hide a lot of information like URL’s, contact details, web addresses, etc., behind the QR code and it is easier to scan the code than to enter the details manually. It is a must for users who exchange lots of data with the other contacts.


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