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Monster Legends Review


Julie Ellis / 03 May 2020

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Monster Legends is a strategy that combines exploration, farming, and multiplayer combats. Breed your monsters, collect the gold they bring, and fight battles with your monster squad! Install Monster Legends for iOS or Android for free and explore the mysterious world of unearthly creatures!


In the beginning, your assistant named Pandalf helps you through the tutorial. You’ll notice that it’s similar to many regular farming simulators visually – so it is in terms of gameplay. Create farms to feed your monsters, place them in comfortable corals, hire workers to take care of your fantastic zoo, and get your gold from that!

It doesn’t stay peaceful, though. The further you go, the more the game tends to evolve from an unusual farm into a military strategy. What do you need your monsters for? To fight in your name! In monster battles, you earn more score and rewards. You can also have some bonuses for free, if you visit the game and log in daily.

Among the rest, the most interesting feature is crossbreeding. As you let different species together, they can produce even more fantastic hybrids that combine traces of both parents. This sandbox part of the game is the most surprising one that gets you hooked the strongest.


While the game itself boasts the interface of a regular farm, it’s colorful, detailed, monsters are drawn with a wild imagination, and battles are well animated. The music is rather jolly than scary, and no wonder: the monsters, as fantastic as they look, are friendly to you. If you’re a visual type, pay attention to the monster design: it’s worth this. By the way, it’s compatible with old monster devices on iOS 9.0 or Android 4.1.

Replay Value

Any decent strategy like this is meant to be played for long. If you connect it to your Facebook account, you’ll be able to switch platforms and keep your progress. One of the greatest pleasures about Monster Legends is following the imagination of the creators, to see what other beasts they have invented. Reexploring it is no fun, but if you sync, you won’t have to.


Like in most farming games, you only need to tap objects, and then tap menus. No complicated gestures or combos are required. In the tutorial, you are shown where the crucial elements of the menu are and what to do with them. But it’s easy to make out by yourself if you have played at least one similar game.


If you like unusual games that combine farming and combat, it makes sense to download Monster Legends and give your time to breeding these creatures. On the other hand, it shares with other games its microtransaction-based monetization. Basically free, it requires real investments for progress; otherwise, you’ll spend too much time just grinding.

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it is the best jason
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