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Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall Review


Amy Morton / 12 Feb 2018

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As usage of Android apps is on an exponential rise, users often find it hard to manage storage space on their smartphones. Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall eases their job of identifying and uninstalling idle apps in a few clicks. You can also check out the battery consumption, sort the apps, share apps with friends, perform a security check, and much more. 

Interface – 5/5

As the app deals with the task of cleaning unused apps and junk files to propel the functioning of your device, it consumes minimal space to function properly. The interface has been kept simple yet effective enough to showcase all information and functions in the desired manner. The design adapts to the screen size of the device, whether you open it on a smartphone or a laptop. 

The display showcases all the information accurately. You can check out the battery usage for a particular app. The interface is intuitive enough to analyze the consumption and display it accurately on the screen. To manage functionality, you can access Settings tab on the top-right corner. 

Features – 5/5

The basic functioning of Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall is to identify unimportant apps that have been gathering dust for quite a long time. You can weed out these apps to free system memory, and throttle the functioning of your device. Instead of adopting a manual procedure of selecting the apps, use Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall to remove the apps completely from your device. 

You can either uninstall one app at a time or uninstall them in a batch. Further, you can analyze the memory and battery consumption of apps, thereby, taking action on apps that hamper the performance of your Android device. To sort the apps, you can apply numerous filters such as sort by ascending and descending order, sort by name, and so on. Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall allows you to scout for apps on Google Play Store, transfer apps on SD card using the App2SD app, delete cached information from the History section, and so on. 

Usability – 4/5

To ensure the robust performance of your device, you should consider installing Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall app. Often, we install apps, use them for a while, and then forget about them in the long run. They occupy considerably storage memory and system memory, thereby, resulting in sluggish performance. To ensure blazing fast operation and optimized battery consumption, you can rely on Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall. 

The extensive cleansing feature prompts users to place their trust in this app. In addition to this, the app is capable of performing a security scan and weeding out malware with the assistance of an inbuilt antivirus, supported by Trustlook. 

Compatibility – 4/5

The Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall app is compatible with all Android devices irrespective of screen sizes. However, the version of the app varies according to the screen size of the device, and the Android OS version integrated into your device. Sometimes, all the apps may not appear on the interface of Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall. In that case, clean up the cache, and then retry. 

The Bottom Line

Optimize the health of your Android device by installing Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall. Analyze app usage on the device and uninstall apps that offer no utility now. Some of the preloaded apps cannot be installed, and to uninstall these, the app requires root permissions. Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall is a complete app management suite for your phone. 


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