Rockstar Games Donates Money to Fight Against Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic makes society more humane: lots of enterprises and corporations try to help the victims. Rockstar Games announced that from April 1 and until the end of May, it will direct 5% of GTA Online and Red Dead Online revenue to fight the pandemic and help the victims of its consequences.

The company posted a statement on Twitter, explaining that Rockstar appreciates its online community and wants to do everything possible to support people in need at these challenging times. The donation will be directed to small businesses and companies affected by the virus, as well as to support the various organizations that work to assist.

If you want to play some good multiplayer online games and support a great event at the same time, you’re welcome to become a part of the GTA and Red Dead Online community. There are lots of cosmetic items, vehicles, property, and businesses in every game. So, you’ll have hours of entertainment and a wide range of ways to spend your money.

Wedbush Securities stated that the studio’s monthly donation could reach $ 2 million. If the amount is really so large, then Rockstar donations to fight COVID-19 could be the largest in the industry.

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