Remote Work Made Americans Less Productive

Since remote work has become a viable employment option for millions of Americans, there's been a debate amongst economists over its actual impact on productivity. The recent COVID-19 outbreak seems to have made that debate much more relevant, as more and more employees in the US shift to working remotely as a part of the lockdown. The first state to announce it was California, with other states following it in the weeks after that.

More than three-quarters of Americans work from home today, and this situation looks like a perfect opportunity for researches concerning the impact this may have on the national economy. Aternity, a digital experience management company, has recently published the results of its own research. The study has found that the massive shift to working remotely has already resulted in a 7.2% decrease in US workers' productivity.

Moreover, another research has found that the average workday is now about 40% longer in the US, making the actual productivity drop even more drastic. This means the average US employee works three extra hours a day, which adds up to an eleven-hours workday, but produces about 7% less than before.

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