Google Rebrands Hangouts Meet

It appears that Google's Hangout Meet has officially changed its name – now the videoconferencing platform is simply called Meet. The rebrand became obvious yesterday, when Google's directors of product management, Karthik Lakshminarayanan, and Smita Hashim, published a blog post listing a couple of recent privacy and security fixes for the remote meetings service.

The title has already appeared on a couple of support pages, as well. However, the rebrand seems to be a work in progress, as the platform is still called Hangouts Meet on Apple App Store. Even its G Suite still retains the old name, and the Hangouts brand isn't going to disappear completely – there's still Hangouts Chat, the messenger that's also included in the suite.

Both the rebrand and the privacy measures seem to be Google's answer to Meet getting millions of new users a day. The videoconferencing market has seen unprecedented growth for a few months following the COVID-19 outbreak – Meet's daily audience is now 25 times larger than it was this January, and it's still growing rapidly. That's why security issues become the number one priority for every video meeting service, including Meet.

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