Facebook Updates: Cross-App Communication and More

Facebook has just announced an update to come that will enable Instagram users to cross-communicate with those from Messenger. Apart from this, Instagram’s direct messaging will see some new functionality inspired by the Messenger app.

Messenger-Instagram Interoperability

As an Instagram user, you will be notified that you can upgrade to a mode that enables you to chat with your Facebook-using friends while staying in the app. This doesn’t require you to have an account on Facebook yourself or vice versa. Speaking about its plans for further consolidation, Facebook has mentioned potential expansion to include WhatsApp in the same interoperable network. No inbox merging is planned with either app, though.

With the updated privacy controls, Instagram users will be able to keep people from Facebook from reaching them completely, thus temporarily reversing the cross-platform update. This can be done via the Accounts Center, launched yesterday.

Fun Features

Users on Instagram will enjoy a set of personalization tools such as changing chat colors, using emojis to react to messages, and more. A Snapchat-like vanish mode will be included to set messages to disappear over time.

Videos can now be viewed together. This is to be paired with enhanced group functionality like forwarding a message to up to five users or groups and replying to a specific message in a group conversation.

Summing It Up

Instagram users will be offered a reversible update to a new messaging mode. Apart from a number of fun features to add style and individuality to their chatting experience, it will enable them to stay in contact with those using Facebook.

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