Drop-in Video Chat Enters Facebook to Compete With Houseparty

Following the huge success of Houseparty’s Rooms that lets users join video chats spontaneously and Zoom’s gallery view feature, Facebook launches the drop-in option. The update was released for mobile and desktop on April 24. It’s available for all users in English-speaking countries.

Now you can start video chats that are visible to your friends via the new discover section above the main news feed. You can also adjust the app to send you notifications when someone creates a room to be able to drop in instantly. Another configuration lets you invite specific people to your room or share access links in messages.

The current version of the feature lets you create rooms for up to 8 people, but the limit will be elevated to 50 within May. As a result, the service will become a more secure alternative to the infamous Zoom app.

Facebook Messenger’s head, Stan Chudnovsky, says that people “want to spend more time together” and “now, in the time of COVID, the whole thing is exploding.” The development team had already had multiple ideas for expanding video chatting features, but it was high time to push them forward in such hard times. The feature is monetization-free, but it’s meant to raise the average daily time users spend on the app.

Have you tried the new Room option? How do you like it? Tell us about your experience in the comments and share the news about the update with your Facebook friends. It’s high time to talk online!

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