Contact Tracing Apps Start Fighting COVID-19

The EU government’s contact-tracing initiative to prevent the spread of coronavirus has finally led to worldwide implementation. Apps have been already installed by millions of users in Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, and other countries. Now the British NHS is testing the NHSX app on the Isle of Wight to launch it countrywide as soon as possible.

The list of countries that use the program also includes Australia, where over 4 million people have installed the COVIDSafe. However, the needed number, at least 10 million users, is still to be achieved.

In Singapore, developers have launched the first Bluetooth-powered contact tracing service in the world. The government’s GovTech reports over 1.1 million downloads. Over 550,000 people downloaded the app within the first 24 hours.

India’s GPS/Bluetooth tracing app, Aarogya Setu, has been installed by 50 million users as a mandatory measure for government employees. However, most Indians don’t have smartphones, which makes it difficult to spread the app.

In China, people use a “traffic light” system that notifies users about COVID-19 contact with color signals. The Czech Republic, North Macedonia, and Norway apply Bluetooth/GPS tracking as well, while tracing apps in Austria, Italy, and other countries are still in development.

If you are using tracing apps already, tell about it in the comments and encourage other people to follow you.

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