Apple and Google Release COVID-19 Exposure Notification Seed for Developers

Apple and Google have finally launched the official exposure notification API that can be used by developers for implementing contact tracing applications. However, the primary purpose of the current API build is to collect developers’ feedback to upgrade the API and help the contact tracing app developers to create effective services with support from public health authorities.

According to Tim Cook’s conversation with EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, the API is currently available to a limited group of developers that work with public health agencies worldwide, and the full public version of the API will become available soon. The full release is scheduled for mid-May. It will be available to all development teams that will release contact-tracing applications on the App Store and Google Play. However, the API won’t be ready for use by the studios that don’t work on behalf of public health officials. Both companies promise to publish extra details and code samples on May 8 to demonstrate how the API works.

Based on the API instructions, apps will be able to measure the distance to confirmed COIVD-19-positive patients and ensure that appropriate notifications are displayed in time. The Bluetooth tracing is totally secure due to the sharing of randomly generated IDs.

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